Retired First Sergeant, US Army. Currently a Contract Specialist for USACE.


    When Our Efforts in Afghanistan Fail, These Will Be the Reasons Why

    Note: Please excuse any formating errors that may arise, I am on the other side of the world with little bandwith and mediocre computer skills (at best). First, disclaimer #1: the following comments and opinion are neither indorsed by, nor reflect the policies of the US Government, the Dept of Defense, CENTCOM, ISAF, USACE, CJTF82 or any other pencil-necked bureaucrat involved with the conduct of | Read More »

    More Bribes, Don’t Fall for It

    Most folks saw right through the Congressional Democrats’ bribery efforts with Senators Nelson and Landrieu in the Health Care shenanegans.  Although politicians in general often entice support from one group or another with various forms of “incentives”, ranging from pork-barrel projects to social programs, Democrats are the champions at targeting racial, ethnic, and socio-economic groups with  crumbs from the table of power. The latest example is the | Read More »

    Iran and the Terror Universe

    Later this month, the illegitimately re-elected Iranian president Ahmadinejad will be at the UN.  While in New York, the meeting that President Obama has long begged for will likely occur.  To prepare ourselves for this event, it would behoove us to review some facts about the Iran – U.S. relationship.   Back in April, Michael Ledeen had an interesting way to describe Iran:  …most every time you | Read More »

    WaPo Causes Tourette’s Syndrome

    It was the first paragraph of Karen DeYoung’s article that did it for me this morning.  Carried on page 2 of the middle Eastern Edition of Stars and Stripes President Barack Obama must decide in coming weeks whether a greater investment of troops and resources in Afghanistan is worth the political risk if Americans do not soon perceive better results on the ground. Your | Read More »

    There’s an Old Saying About Where to Find Sympathy

    We probably learned it from our squad leader as privates.  He told us we could find it in the dictionary between sh*t and syphillis.  I mention this because the media wants us to feel related emotions about the recent bombing incident near Kunduz, where civilians were killed in an air strike.  Perhaps you have heard?  In case your local news outlet has forgetten to inform you | Read More »

    Perspective on Afghanistan

    From the diaries by Erick . . . Here I am in Afghanistan; although I “ain’t skeered”, I’m plenty apprehensive.  Not because of the Taliban, mind you – but because of what our own Democrat-controlled government, in concert with the media, may eventually do.  The last time we had such a war-time equation, Congress reneged on our promises to support an ally.  I predict the media | Read More »

    Keep Your Foreign Trade Goods, Just Send Us Your Terrorists

    Just to be clear, Federal government contracts have always (well, at least since I became a “certified acquisition professional”) contained clauses relating to the Buy American Act.  The Act was passed in1933 (gee, I wonder what was going on in 1933 to cause that?).  The infamous Smoot-Hawley Tariff was passed in June 1930 and the 1934 Trade Agreements Act essentially lowered those tariffs – but | Read More »

    A Big Tent for the Right Reasons

    There is a lot of bandwidth being used lately in the discussion over the rebuilding of the Republican Party.  The moderates and the folks on the further right (like me) seem to be talking past one another in heated discussions, but lets recognize some common ground and move forward.  Having now elected a new party chairman, it’s best we do so quickly. I use the ‘big tent’ | Read More »

    I’m Sure the NFL Means No Disrespect to the Military -(Open Thread)

    (I don’t know if I am authorized to institute an open thread, but here goes) The color guard for the Super Bowl opening ceremony will not be allowed to stay & watch the game as in times past.  Just an easily-corrected oversight, I’m sure – completely unintentional. Of course, if we contact Roger Goodell of the NFL and point that out, he can straighten | Read More »

    Went in under George Bush; came out under – Nothing

    I work in a large Federal Building, home to many different agencies and administered by the General Services Administration (GSA).  I have daily arrived and departed through the entrance beneath the benevolent gaze of Vice President Cheney & President Bush, from their poster-sized portraits on the walls on each side of the doors.   For a couple of months now, I had my desire to | Read More »