A New Found Outlook

For my children and theirs...

As I sat and watched the “11th hour”…

I have decided to never fund another part of Hollywood, media, or any entity of such with my money(if I have any left in the reign of this new administration).

We need to re-educate our children, to what AMERICA, truly means and STANDS for, leaving no child left behind for searching for this truth…

I will thoroughly teach my children to read our countries heritage from the copies of the original documents, as they were written by our forefathers, not interpreted from republished, rewritten views of the Hollywood fictional point and views, or hearing it from the views of the media based puppets.

The scripted opinions of these people, have fogged their brains from reality into a mind warp.

America will be tried over and over again, but it will be up to us to re-educated our generation and the next, to abandon the way they will be “TRAINED” to think, in exchange with the true facts.

The mission we have is to teach our children, we must not abandon our FAITH in God, our beliefs for our worlds future, with factors we are up against at this time, if we continue to listen to the fiction supplied to us.

The people in charge, who now have the majority of say in our country, can change the laws, override what this country was founded on, and it is up to us to keep our next generation grounded. For they will be “the people”…”To establish the perfect union in justice.”

It seems useless to speak out, at this time, you are now censored, unless you are a get-on-the-plane-wannabe.

We will continue to say our pledge, under “GOD”, boycott any that remove our “God” in fear or disbelief. If freedom of speech is at risk, we must search for a new way to overcome this without fear.To establish JUSTICE, by how we stand up to those who do not understand what the meaning is. “Ensure domestic and foreign tranquility”, a major concern at this time, how to fix this will be a mission, but we will do it if we instill the values in “OUR OWN CHILDREN” not relying on other opinions to weight our own.

From this day forward…

I walk ahead proudly, not in defeat but sporting a flag, bible, and gaining every bit of knowledge directly from our original documents to pass on to my children and theirs.

“This land is their land too”. They have the right to learn the truth from facts and if it means no T.V. and it means having to boycott the people who have brought this immoral behavior to light, in all aspects of business who support them, so be it.

“And it is done”…

Make a stand, for your future, your mind and your voice need to be heard, so use them wisely and loudly!

That is “OUR” right and “NO ONE” can take that away!

“God will Bless America” and continue to do so, as long as we do “OUR” part to not allow anyone to sway our values and morals we still have “control” over!

Pass this on to all who still value, “AMERICA” as what it should stand for” and not “America, the Scripted Movie”…

GOD BLESS AMERICA in the wake of newly elected party “Liberal,Socialist Democratic Party”…Welcome to “THE NEW WORLD” Ideology…


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