Travel Warning – Invasion of the Body Scanners

    So, what could be more fun than a girls trip?  Just me and my daughter hopping a plane for a weekend with family and old friends.  Girl friends and their daughters sight seeing, talking, laughing, and telling stories of long ago.  We’ve left the boys at home before and flown together, so we were just going through the motions like it was all old hat: | Read More »

    Hey folks, lets thank Erick for standing in the line of fire for us!

    Reading Ericks post today, I realized how much nastiness he must put up with on a daily basis.  That is very wearing.  So, to thank him for being willing to step out in front for the good of the country, I’m giving a donation to RedState.  We can’t make the nay sayers shut up, but we can help RedState continue the fight.  How about you | Read More »


    New EPA regulations and US manufacturing

    These articles are well worth reading from the Indiana Manufacturers Association Environment and Energy Forum, June 2010. Here are some excerpts of interest.  I guess we could call it Bad News/Good News: Each year, approximately 115 million tons of coal combustion products (CCPs) are produced in the United States. Nearly 70 percent of these materials are disposed of in saturated ash impoundments or ash landfills. Most of | Read More »

    Thanks Dad! Before Rush and Fox, I had you.

    Happy Father’s Day, Dad.  And thanks so much for putting down the morning paper and telling me what was going on in the world.  Thanks for listening to NPR as you drove us to school, turning the radio off in disgust, and telling us exactly what you thought.  Thanks for explaining to me why conservative principles work and liberal ones don’t.  Even though I left home | Read More »

    Battle of Midway – A Tribute

    The following are excerpts from letters written by Ensign William R. Evans of Torpedo Squadron 8.  I submit these today in memory of the brave men who died in the Battle of Midway, June 4, 1942. March, 1941: “When I can taxi off the line at seven in the morning and take off to the east light at growing incandescence, a sensation grows which is | Read More »

    Chinese Inflation

    My dad does business in China.  He is seeing a 10% cost increase in everything coming out of China for next year.  He says this is due to price increases within China, currency changes, and increased shipping costs.  He told me this about a month ago, and I thought about passing it along here, but didn’t have anything other than his word to cite.  However, | Read More »

    Gulf Oil Spill Video – good info

    This is worth watching. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t found the coverage of the oil spill all that informative.  Now, maybe I haven’t been looking in the right places, or watching the right news programs (I’ve been busy lately, and in the middle of a good book……), but anyway I was searching around tonight and found this informative video.  Short but full | Read More »

    Is President Obama Too Big To Fail?

    It seems to me that Nancy Pelosi is saying to the reluctant Dems in the House (as she twists their arms and bribes them) that they must pass the Senate Health Care bill to ‘save’ President Obama’s failing presidency.  In other words, he must be bailed out because he is ‘too big to fail’.  He has too much invested in this bill for it not | Read More »

    I Hate Talking About Cancer!

    It’s funny how important everything in politics seems, until someone you love is diagnosed with cancer.  Then all of a sudden, the world changes.  Everything is filtered through the lens of CANCER.  And then, because of Obamacare, thoughts turn back to politics. How thankful I am that we live in this great country, with the best medical care in the world available. This cancer may | Read More »

    MSM – Living in a world without Climategate?

    The Drudge Report linked to this article about U.N. Climate Chief Yvo de Boer’s resignation, CNN has this article, CBSnews has this article,  MSNBC has the AP article linked to on Drudge, ABC news has this article, NBC has nothing, and even FOX has nothing but this AP article .  Nowhere in any of these articles was Climategate mentioned.  There is no mention of the leaked emails. | Read More »