Dan Calabrese, of North Star Writers, wrote a great piece on the state of The Associated Press. The AP has become a disgrace and a danger to America. They have become a blog for the moron in our White House and are directly to blame for ending what was once the media. He Writes:

On The Economy
If you read any AP story about the economy, you will inevitably read that the current U.S. recession started in December 2007 (one year too early). This is a lie. Why does the AP constantly make this false claim? In order to lay the blame for the recession at the feet of George W. Bush, of course.


I Am About to Defend Donald Trump

Susan Wright

On Terror
Of course, they did the same thing just last week with the big, super-secret CIA plot that turned out to be nothing more than a PowerPoint presentation about how to maybe kill Osama Bin Laden and other Al Qaeda leaders.

The “story” was a big bunch of nothing, but because Dick Cheney was involved, the AP trotted out the scandal headlines. The bottom line is that the AP is nothing more than a propaganda service for its own political biases. It lies.