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    What Kind of Scandal Would Force Hillary to Withdraw Her Candidacy?

    Re-posted from National Review Let’s get creative! Imagine a scandal that would force Hillary Clinton to drop out of the 2016 presidential race. A scandal so egregious that it would dissolve her donor base and trigger the Clinton’s loyal cabal of defenders into saying “enough,” while the mainstream media demanded that Hillary withdraw from seeking her party’s presidential nomination. This Republican fantasy scenario stems from | Read More »

    How Obama’s Third Term Was Thwarted by the 1947 Republicans

    Re-posted from National Review Predictably, these days, when two or more political pundits are gathered together in her name, there is discussion over whether Hillary Clinton is running for President Obama’s third term or former President Bill Clinton’s third term. (Read why I believe that she is running for both.) However, among Republican political pundits, might I suggest that the discussion also include a heartfelt | Read More »

    Conservative Activist Nina May’s Message To All GOP Presidential Candidates

    A friend of  mine, political activist and filmmaker Nina May, sent this essay to fellow conservatives and I thought it was worth sharing with RedState readers. I remember a conversation in 2011 with the advisor of a GOP presidential candidate as though it replays in slow motion with the sound effects of Psycho echoing in the background. It was after one of the debates where | Read More »

    What Does the Shroud of Turin Prove about Easter?

    Re-posted from National Review  April 4, 2015   Is this the face of the man in the Shroud of Turin? Credit: History Channel – Real Face of Jesus? This weekend Christians around the globe will begin their annual celebration of Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, commemorating what they consider to be the greatest event in human history. The basis for the world’s | Read More »

    Proof Hillary is Running for Obama’s 3rd Term

    Re-posted from World Net Daily Credit: Hillary Clinton Twitter account March 23, 2015 That infamous White House fly on the wall (the one that landed on Obama’s face) was all ears (and wings) when President Obama secretly met with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last week. “Secret” was the operative word since the meeting was not on the president’s official | Read More »

    Why the GOP Should Fear Al Gore in 2016

    Re-posted from The Blaze Al Gore says he is not running for president (yet) and that’s good news for the GOP. With support for Hillary Clinton’s nascent presidential bid rapidly declining among Democrats, influential Vox writer, Ezra Klein, recently birthed an amusing scenario with his widely reported piece titled, “Al Gore should run for president.” Given Klein’s main premise — “climate change is an existential | Read More »

    The Civil War of 2016 – Hillary Clinton vs. Scott Walker

    Re-posted from The Blaze The Civil War of 2016 is looming large even though Nov. 8, 2016’s “Mother of All Battles” is still 20 months away. One can see and feel the dark, ominous clouds gathering on the horizon. Hopefully, the war will not involve the use of any deadly weapons but this red verses blue battle could prove to be the most brutal, expensive, | Read More »

    Six Stages of Scandal: E-mailgate just moved into Stage 4

    Re-posted from National Review The facts concerning Hillary Clinton’s most recent scandal — “E-mailgate” — may be unique, but the media coverage in our 24/7-news age follows the same predictable story arc every time something like this happens. Up until now, this arc has never been formally recognized or officially named. Therefore, drawing on the familiar and widely accepted “Five Stages of Loss and Grief,” | Read More »

    Clinton ‘Crack’ – Warning: Highly habit-forming for Republican political junkies

    Re-posted from National Review Here are three stashes of “Clinton Crack” that are sure to keep political junkies like me thoroughly addicted in the days, months, and years to come. 1. Hillary Clinton’s exclusively using a personal e-mail account while at the State Department Excitement/Danger Level: A tsunami crashing on the D.C. Beltway and possibly drowning Clinton Inc. Burning Questions: Will the revelations delay Clinton’s | Read More »

    ‘Real’ Solutions to Hillary’s 2016 Branding Problem

    Re-posted from National Review This past weekend the Washington Post ran a piece with the headline: “The making of Hillary 5.0: Marketing wizards help re-imagine Clinton brand.” The title caught my eye because back in December, here at National Review, I penned a piece titled “Hillary Has a Brand.” That headline, along with numerous bullet points detailing Hillary’s brand, was lifted (as the piece explains) | Read More »