Conservatives Better than Leftists at Self-Control According To Research Paper

    The authors of a paper published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences state that people who identify as conservatives perform better on tests of self-control than those who identify as statist/authoritarian, regardless of race, socio-economic status, or gender. The self-control consequences of political ideology I stumbled onto the study in an article at the LA Times, of all places. Why conservatives | Read More »

    Quit. Tell Boss To Pound Sand. Collect 52 Week Salary Present.

    OK, for $200K after you’ve given your notice, maybe you don’t tell the Boss to shove it. Seriously, 6eorge? You must be making this up. What type of entity would do something so foolish? Pay for “G’Day”? According to Thursday’s (Detroit) Free Press, Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano said that the $200,000 going away present given to outgoing (Michigan) Wayne County economic development boss Turkia | Read More »

    Three Democrats that I Agree With

    Is this a sign of the Apocalypse? In Skunked, the PIMCO Investment Outlook published today by Bill Gross, the PIMCO Bond King laments I speak, of course, to the budget deficit and Washington’s inability to recognize the intractable: 75% of the budget is non-discretionary and entitlement based. Without attacking entitlements – Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security – we are smelling $1 trillion deficits as far | Read More »

    Time 4 another edition of Name That Party!

    including a new bonus round, “Before the election, or After?” The lead paragraphs in the lowly fourth!! story in the Washington Post today Just after 10:12 a.m. Friday, Leslie Johnson frantically phoned her husband, Jack B. Johnson, the Prince George’s county executive. Two FBI agents were at the front door of their two-story brick colonial in Mitchellville. “Don’t answer it,” the county executive said, unaware | Read More »

    Advice to Republicans from a Disheartened, Retiring House Democrat

    Rep. Brian Baird, a retiring six-term Democrat from Washington state, relays to John Fund of the WSJ the advice he would give incoming Republicans: “Governing isn’t as easy as you think. Many of you have taken pledges that are contradictory—to balance the budget and cut taxes, for example. You must be honest about the numbers, since our annual deficit now exceeds all discretionary spending combined. | Read More »

    Must see Chris Christie video and Open Thread

    Sorry for the short diary, but I didn’t see any logical place to put this awesome response from Winston Churchill Chris Christie. Gov Christie calls S-L columnist thin-skinned for inquiring about his ‘confrontational tone’ h/t to the National Review Might as well use this diary as an open thread.

    George Will on “The perils of the value-added tax”

    Jetson thinks the Dems are giddily running up the deficit, not only to provide the entitlement programs themselves, but to increase the role of government in the future by forcing the “need” for new taxes. In contrast, Jetson favors a 100% tax on all new government programs which would be most efficiently collected by simply eliminating the programs. In his article today, George Will warns | Read More »

    Norah O’Donnell “All Black People Are Good Athletes”

    While I should expect no less of an MSNBC hack, Norah O’Donnell outdid herself last Friday when she let her “inside words” slip out for all to see. In the clip below, Norah navigates her own mental associations to arrive at “All Black People Are Good Athletes” from Newt Gingrich’s reference to Obama “shooting three-pointers”. But I’m not sure what he means by this particular | Read More »

    The Social Security and Medicare Rationing on the Horizon

    As the number of active workers supporting each retiree falls from three to two, there will be some hard choices to make. You either cut benefits by 33% or raise the taxes that fund those benefits by 50%. Yikes. Open buffets result in more consumption than a-la-carte purchases and are the most expensive when everything on the menu is included in the buffet. And that’s | Read More »

    Were Iraqis Better Off Under Saddam?

    Does the Left really care about the oppressed? Or are they merely useful pawns in the Left’s quest for power. Of course there is no shortage of the Left’s self-serving criticism of the Iraqi War. In one of the first Lefty articles to come up in a Bing search of Bush Lied, People Died. the author strives to stoke the anger so common in the | Read More »

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