How to Save a Few Hundred Billion

I don’t like ObamaCare, nor the idea that the federal government can order citizens to buy things (like insurance) from other citizens, nor do I appreciate the takeover of state authority in the area of health insurance by centralized federal bureaucrats in DC. ObamaCare is rightly being challenged in court as unconstitutional. But for now, at least, it’s on the books, and it will cost tons of federal tax money.

One way to streamline ObamaCare immediately might be for Congress to limit it to catastrophic health care coverage; i.e. it should only cover a person’s expenses for care that would have been offered according to pre-ObamaCare federal law at hospitals without regard to inability to pay. In other words, immediately limit ObamaCare to stopping freeloaders. That could, it seems to me, save taxpayers a ton of money immediately, regardless of whether ObamaCare is eventually held unconstitutional.

This is just an outline of a hunch. I’m not an expert on health care or the federal budget. But wasn’t a primary Democratic rationale for ObamaCare to stop people from freeloading? Why not use that rationale as a limiting principle, to trim billions from the federal budget?

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