Endorsing Romney for Florida

In the recent GOP primary campaign in South Carolina, Sarah Palin urged people to vote for Newt Gingrich in that particular primary, in order to keep the overall primary battle competitive. I now offer my not-much-sought-after endorsement to Romney for the Florida primary, for the same reason. If Romney loses Florida, his campaign would collapse. If he wins, it’s still competitive.

I am not 100% sold on Romney as the nominee. Not even 75%. But I hope Floridians vote for him.

The main objection to him has been RomneyCare. But keep in mind that he was dealing with a veto-proof Democratic majority in the legislature. If he hadn’t sought compromise, the resulting legislation would have been WORSE. Why he has not emphasized this point I do not know. But it’s true. And you know what else is true? Romney continues to poll a lot better against Obama than Gingrich does. ‘Nuf said.

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