Affirmative Action At The Highest Level

Unqualified Applicants Get Jobs Due Solely To Their Race

So Colin Powell has endorsed Obama. Let’s see, Powell is pro-abortion. So is Obama. Powell is pro-affirmative action. So is Obama. Powell has stated repeatedly that tax policy should ensure fairness. Obama likewise wants to “spread the wealth.” The endorsement of Obama only demonstrates what unpaid prognosticators could have told those million dollar a year experts years ago. Powell never was a Republican. He has been aligned with the Democrats from the day of his retirement from service.

On today’s talk show, Powell explains: “I think he is a transformational figure.” THAT’S what I’m afraid of. Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot were all transformational too, Colin.

Another note to moderate Republicans: Hey guys, are you happy with your fellow moderate? No? You should be–this is what you moderates do. They pretend in order to achieve status, and then attack the hand that feeds them–to maintain that status. Yes, you keep telling us that Palin’s conservatism is what is sinking McCain. Really? Do you think that McCain picking another moderate would have changed Powell’s position? If you do, I’ve got a nice bridge to sell you.

Affirmative action is now at its zenith here. A unqualified candidate for president who has never run anything; who has never governed anything; and who has policies precisely on line with Karl Marx–is going to be put into our highest office solely due to his race. Doubt me? Just ask if Obama would be where he is at if he were a white man. The answer is inevitable.

The Republican party must clean house or it is lost.

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