Never Negotiate in Weakness – the Inordinate Pricing Distribution

Reading the Sunday paper, a mix of watchman warnings (to late) and cynic’s screeds.  This thread starts with the premise: When Government Health Care becomes a mandate who can resist it?

For all the talk about the distortions that will take place in the system, from hospitals and doctors to patient care and death-treatment… who among us will not be assimilated into the great collective of Obama-care?

I for one know that when I negotiate I always work from a position of strength (relative to my bargaining power).  Sun Tzu said (paraphrase) “Do not start a battle you are unwilling or unable to finish.”  Are you or I going to opt-out of this Socialized Medical Plan, when we have no other options?  I can’t see that happening. Honestly, this is going to come faster and more furiously that you or I can imagine.  Right now the Democrats are holding their breath, knowing that the Blue Dogs and RINOs will roll (as part of the machine) and the plan will be enacted.  Then in a fury unseen in American domestic policy the Obama Administration will destroy our existing Health Care system with brutal efficiency.  These are lifelong bureaucrats we are talking about.  While the may be unskilled in the art of creation, destruction is another story…

In the end that I call Inordinate Pricing Distribution will take place.  The masses will be force into a low-income, low-provision plan while our superiors in Government and their Corporate Lapdogs will have an add-on to the economic model, the outside pricing that will actually be less costly relative to their income and expenses…  Think about it.  A doctor, general practice, is going to be forced to earn 125K/yr.  (or some such number).  Any additional fees they collect will have to be outside of the system (paid for by the few that govern the billions).  These fees will be relatively nominal to high income high net worth individuals and entities.  The fees are still outside our ability to pay but not overwhelming to the rich considering that the doctors are essentially charging for bonuses.  Think about this twisted interlocking directorate of unfree market activity and ill negotiated power.

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