Silent no more

I am a 63 year old female retiree and I can’t believe what is now occurring in our country. We are in such financial ruin thanks to not only all of us as individuals but also because of the fat cats of Wall Street.

Now with this election we are being sold another bill of goods when we are all stressed out by where we are now as individuals and a country by another type of fat cat. Give me a break – everything that Obama and his campaign does seems to be okay because he is spending enormous amounts of money to convince the poor people of our country that are grasping for straws. Does this over kill on the campaign tell you anything about his concept of spending – the powers that are driving his campaign will do anything to assure he is put in so they can control the power over our country.

I say wake up America – how we are being scammed now while we are all vulnerable. This race should not be about ethnicity nor gender but it certainly has turned into that – it is all about making history and control for those individuals pushing it. Obama’s campaign has done that not McCain’s.

McCain’s campaign is constantly critized for pointing out Obama’s flaws – yet nobody takes any notice when they critize McCain or Palin.

Frankly as a woman I am disappointed but not surprised with the critical remarks made by women about Sarah Palin. Women tear each other to shreds because of jealously while men are supportive of each other. I think John McCain has given our country so much and God bless him for selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate. Sarah Palin is such an awesome individual and all women could aspire to be more like her. I don’t know how she stays as strong and does everything she does. She scares the Democrats so much that they are constantly trying to break her public appeal.

I wish the media would quit being one sided and show more positives for the McCain campaign.

Thank you for your time.

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