Today I will either:

Have Breakfast

1 - Win the Lottery;
2 - Buy a Carribbean island;
3 - Found the nation of Muserica (or possibly The United States of Galt);

Have Lunch

4 - The Economy will be Capitalism and Free Market based;
5 - With minimal Taxes;
6 - Funding minimal Government;

100 Calorie Snack Time (Woot!)

7 - Operating with Total Transparency;
8 - Protected by 100% Conscription Rate Armed Forces;
9 - and populated by Legal and Regulated Immigration;

Dinner Date with The Much Younger Trophy Wife - Mexican or Italian

10 - Watch the Population and PayPal account for the new nation explode over brandy and cigars!

OR -

Have Breakfast

1 - Head out to work confident that the President’s vision and plan for America will accomplish the same goals.

Hrmmm … who am I kidding?  The odds are better on the Lottery thing …

Off to buy a ticket and dream the Muserican Dream.  The American one is looking more and more nightmarish by the moment …

Blue Collar Muse