Vultures Pick Over Ted Kennedy’s Not-Yet Corpse

An Intra-Kennedy Fight Over Who Gets Teddy's Senate Seat?

Someday, the good Lord will call Ted Kennedy home. We know neither the day, nor the hour. Undoubtedly Kennedy’s loved ones are preparing as they see fit – including fighting amongst themselves over who will get his most cherished possession:

Ted Kennedy’s wife, Vicki, and his nephew, former congressman Joe Kennedy, are getting set for a bruising battle over who will succeed the ailing senator, according to a new book excerpted in the new issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

“Vicki is seen by all as an interloper and she is deeply resented by Ted’s children and many of the newphews,” Edward Klein writes in his new book, “Ted Kennedy: The Dream That Never Died,” due in stores next month.

“Joe, who sees himself as the only serious heir apparent, particularly loathes her control over his uncle and hence the family. Joe inherited his father’s ruthless gene. He is nothing if not aggressive. And anybody who tries to get between him and Ted’s Senate chair is in for a fight.”

Teddy has had a long and memorable career in public service. I’m sure that each of us can recall many moments where Kennedy grabbed the spotlight of national attention – and not just moments like Chappaquiddick, and the savaging of Judge Bork. As we consider the fullness of his career, we can only hope that his family behaves with precisely the same level of class that he has shown throughout his life – and not a smidgen more.

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