Head of Louisiana’s Largest Business Group Takes Bobby Jindal to Task Over Spending Trust Funds

Dan Juneau, the president of Louisiana Association of Business and Industry wrote a letter to LA Gov. Bobby Jindal regarding Jindal’s support for legislation that would make it easier for his administration – and future administrations well – to raid a number of trust funds that voters locked away decades ago.

The letter has caused a bit of a stir in Louisiana.  The Times Picayune reported on this yesterday, and the Baton Rouge Advocate carried a story today.

A copy of Juneau’s letter is at LABI’s website.  The letter explains the history of the funds, and in my opinion the business group’s position on this is much more “small government” oriented than Jindal’s is.

Juneau’s letter does not imply, nor have is seen anywhere else, that this legislation is part of Jindal’s legislative package for this year, although he reportedly mentioned the bill numbers and his support for the legislation during his address to the Legislature on the opening day of the session. Regardless, Jindal’s supports for raiding decades-old trust funds to avoid making the hard decisions we elected him to make is troubling to me.

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