Bobby Jindal in Opposition to Louisiana Tea Party

More conservative groups oppose Governor Jindal’s decision to raid funds rather than reduce the size of the government:

It might be tea time and counting…for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. In fact, an announcement today   might not have  come  at a worse time should Jindal be entertaining a run for a national office in the near future.

Right as Jindal has an opportunity to promote his conservative credentials at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans this week (along with the likes of Sarah Palin and a prominent list of other speakers) the Louisiana Tea Party has come out against major budgetary mechanisms some controversial ones Jindal favors.

In a press release, today, the Louisiana Tea Party, The Tea Party of Louisiana  (TPoL) has announced that it will vigorously oppose all efforts in the current legislative session to balance next year’s state budget by raiding trust fund monies and diverting dedicated fees, from things such as hunting and fishing licenses, away from their intended use and into the state general fund.

The group says that it will work to “protect monies currently locked away in voter created, protected funds, such as the Budget Stabilization Fund and the 8(g) Educational Trust Fund”.

From Steve Sabludowsky

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