“Recess” Appointment Abuse

I don’t know how many recess appointments President Obama has made, but it seems like he is skirting the intent of the recess appointment authority, which would be to appoint someone whom the Senate refuses to schedule hearings for or perhaps an emergency appointment.  It is evident that he is abusing the authority of the Executive Branch and violating the “advise and consent” clause of the Constitution by using the recess appointment authority to bypass the Senate and appoint people who would either be controversial or unable to gain confirmation by the Senate.  Does anyone else think it would be a good idea for any of the conservative candidates for both houses of Congress to make this an issue?  I think a potential stand would be to promise to refuse to fund any agency that is led by a recess appointment who was not denied a Senate confirmation hearing.  This would tend to nationalize the elections and might swing liberal voters who tend to have a sense of fair play.  Obviously, the hard core activist would be unaffected, but the average nice guy who is just misinformed might come over to our side…

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