Gorbachev Gives Obama Advice

Former Soviet dictator, Mikhail Gorbachev, calls on president-elect Barack Obama to bring about “perestroika” or restructuring in the United States to battle the economic crises and “restore balance in the world”. He then goes on to take a gratuitous shot at current president George W. Bush:

“In an interview with Italy’s La Stampa published on Friday, Gorbachev said President-elect Barack Obama needs to fundamentally change the misguided course followed by President George W. Bush over the past eight years.”

Mr. Gorbachev giving anyone advice on governing and especially economics, in which he had no experience or formal training, is beyond the pale of arrogance. Contrary to what liberal ministries of propaganda would have you believe, Gorbachev was nothing more than the latest failed soviet dictator and resigned only after a botched coup to slit his throat.

The only differences between Gorbachev and former soviet dictators were that he was educated; earning masters degrees in law and agriculture, and was a much more smooth and eloquent speaker than his predecessors.

Gorbachev came to power with the idea that the only thing weighing down the soviet system was the cog, the people, who had taken to lazy and drunkenness and pursuit of dishonest income. Gorbachev’s first reform was to “restructure” the thinking of the soviet people with an anti-alcohol campaign. With this campaign came the predictable consequences, overcrowded police stations, a 300% increase in moonshine, and tens of thousands of deaths from the consumption of poisonous, homemade alcohol. The anti-alcohol campaign however had no effect on Grobachev and his band of loyalists who were able to get the finest alcohol from the west delivered to their doors.

Gorbachev finally did a 180 and started to greatly increase the production and distribution of alcohol, when he discovered that the anti-alcohol campaign had cost the soviet government 25 to 30 billion rubles a year. In fact, alcohol was made available for sale at toy stores and bakeries. So much for alcohol perestroika but at least only about 25,000 soviets died for this reform to which Gorby commented that they deserved their fate.

The next Gorby reform was the crack down on “dishonest income”, any source of income other than official government salary. The fact that virtually everyone in the Soviet Union was tainted by dishonest income because the vaunted soviet economy didn’t produce enough of anything desirable didn’t seem to bother him. Gorby and his party thugs began bulldozing thousands of private gardens and confiscating houses if it was found that rooms were being rented for a profit.

Of course the ban on dishonest income was a welcome form of perestroika for Gorby’s party mafia. They used any rule change as an opportunity to increase the amount of bribes they could extract. The more severe the threat of punishment the greater the amount of the bribe. 150,000 soviets went to prison for dishonest income some of them even bribe sucking bureaucrats that fell out of favor.

The Soviet Union died on December 8th, 1991. Unfortunately, the mythical promises of communism, socialism, marxism, and central planning are proving much harder to kill. Politicians around the world routinely resurrect the failed policies of the past and refuse to learn from the bloody mistake of the Soviet experiment.

On second thought, why not take advice from Gorby? We’ve been listening to Greenspan, Bernanke, and Paulson for at least the last decade and they haven’t fared much better. Despite the thousands of times socialism has been tried and failed, Gorby, and apparently Obama, is an avowed socialist. Gorby once declared, while the Soviet Union was collapsing around him, “Socialism is my deep conviction, and I will promote it as long as I can talk and work.

H/T – Mises.org


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