Most concise, comprehensive single anti-Obama paragraph I’ve seen…

From my cousin

My cousin is married and has a son. Her husband is of a different race than she and I are. Before going on maternity leave she worked for a major investment firm. She wrote the following in a mass family email chain about the election…

Emotional arguments aside (muslim influences, lack of flag pin, blah blah etc.) I cannot find one single solitary point I agree with him on. Not one. Certainly not race relations (imagine if I called Ian’s family typical black people HA!), his tax policies, the way he views people like me (and I am not even close to being one of the “rich folks”), his blatantly Marxist views, his associations with shady organizations (not even talking about Ayers here), the fact that his campaign refuses to answer challenging questions and the fact that he views the Constitution as fundametally flawed. I have audio recordings. The fact that he refuses to tell Americans to take personal responsibility for living beyond their means. You bought too much house, I hope your plasma TV and stainless appliances keep you warm in the cardboard box you DESERVE. I am not joining any McCain or Bush fan clubs by any stretch of the imagination. But just because one is well spoken and stands for change, doesn’t mean that it is good. Change for change sake isn’t always best. Because it looks like Obama is winning, I have been fearing for my job. Guess what, my company will probably be giving pink slips to 5,000 by the end of the year. Maybe I can get some of that redistribution. Or perhaps you can redistribute your house to my family, you don’t deserve it anyway. From each according to his ability to each according to his need. For you young Crowes (and older for that matter) I challenge you to read the Federalist papers, Marx and then Obama’s speeches and book. You tell me what is fundamentally flawed.

And there it is.

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