College Students Debate

My liberal friends... oh boy.

Today I got into a debate with one of my friends on the current election in between my classes. In the end of the conversation, that I just had to walk away from, was he saying that every fact that came out of my mouth was not true nor would he believe it. Well, I can’t win with someone who creates their own reality. These ill informed voters scare me. One being because they can vote and two because they are still living. The points my now questionable friend touch on go as follows;

Palin is white trash because she shoots moose from an airplane and because her teenage daughter is pregnant out of wedlock

McCain is an idoit because his father got him into the military (he was a General) and because he crashed five $200,000 plans.,

And lastly, Obama’s relationship with Ayers, Right and ACORN are irrelavent.

My rebutes to this were the obvious. Palin speaks better than all the candidates together. She is a mother of many children, so does that mean that the mother of one child is more of a screw up? Were you there when McCain flew these planes? Did you know the circumstances? And lastly Obama’s relathionships means a lot because these are people who have influence over him so much that they give him money (Acorn i know for a fact) and that they pushed him to feel he should not pay respects to the AMERICAN FLAG, even though he is an AMERICAN CITIZEN!

Like I’ve said, it is not just this friend that scares me. It is many people like my friend who just turned 18 this year or who do not even watch the debates. These people allow the media to lead them to thier decision by choosing the liberal media or the conservative media. These people are the future of a America and as part of that furture, going through my second year of college, I wish to push harder to teach these ignorant people who just watch or read one source of media and blow off the rest. I’m not going to hold their hands to the polls but I will try my best to make sure their view before the polls is a full 360 degrees.

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