Keep Howard Zinn out of our High Schools


I’ve been thinking about Howard Zinn since I saw the diatribe on “The Oatmeal” against Christopher Columbus.  In Minneapolis, the leftist mayor has replaced Columbus Day with an “Indigenous People’s Day”.  And like many others, I’ve been appalled by Oliver Stone’s extremely biased series of anti-American history documentaries.  All of these things have been motivated by Howard Zinn’s “influential mutilations of American history”:


As a 20-something, I read “A People’s History of the United States”, and thought I was reading a revelation of truths that had been hidden by the powers that be.  Young people love that kind of conspiracy-theory thinking. But fortunately, I’ve read a lot more about history, and eventually I came to see Zinn’s work as a very selective and distorted view, cherry picking versions of stories, drawing from unreliable sources when convenient, full of weasel words.

The idea to present this kind of Marxist propaganda to high school and middle school students is simply obscene.  These young minds are not equipped with the knowledge and rationality to see Zinn in context and understand his agenda, to undermine and demoralize American society so it would be receptive to Marxism.  Of course, when officials try to oppose this plan, they are accused of censorship and “book burning”.  I wonder how the same leftist teachers would feel about presenting Ayn Rand to their students.  Just think about the uproar that would result.


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