Lomborg on Climate Fear Mongering

How should compassionate conservatives think about global problems?

For those concerned about the issue of climate change, I highly recommend seeing the new documentary on Bjorn Lomborg, author of “The Skeptical Environmentalist” and much hated by climate fear mongers. I just watched it on Amazon Prime instant video, and the DVD is out too.

If you’re looking for climate change denial, then this isn’t for you.  Lomborg thinks the world is warming and he thinks human CO2 emission is causing it.

So then, why does the eco-left hate Lomborg so passionately?  Because he pulls the rug out from under their fear mongering and anti-capitalism agenda.

Lomborg presents economically and scientifically sound discussion of what is predicted, what kinds of harm might be done, and how that harm can be dealt with cheaply and effectively.  Is the ocean level going to rise by ten feet and cover our costal cities?  No, the actually reports predict it will rise 1 foot in 100 years, and in fact it already rose 1 foot the last 100 years, seemingly without much notice.

He talks about how the European green-energy policy will cost trillions of dollars in the next decades, and lead to possibly a fraction of a degree of less global warming.  It’s simply not a good way to spend money on global human problems.

Look at malaria.  With warming, the parasite spreads , and halting global warming might reduce malaria by 3% according to some analysts. But malaria is a disease of poverty, and the other 97% of victims can be helped right now with intelligent compassionate action rather than crippling the economic development of the third world with anti-warming energy policy.

He ends by looking at smart schemes for alternative energy that have fallen victim to various political enemies, and at geo engineering, which if needs be, could cool the planet at a cost of only hundreds of millions of dollars, not trillions of dollars.


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