Thomas Tamm should be executed for treason


Why is this man not in jail, facing prosecution for treason? Easy answer, that. The Bush administration has fought the GWOT admirably, relentlessly, and with great success. But with equal steadfastness, they have utterly failed to defend the home front. Not only has the administration failed to stand up to 8 long years of countless, outrageous media and Democrat lies. They have failed utterly to prosecute leaks of national secrets, or really to give any leftist government employee a reason to fear consequences for treason, and for political reasons caused American (and Iraqi) soldiers to die.

And treason this is.

In 2005, the Treason Times (which says New York Times on its masthead) splashed on its front pages a story revealing the existence of a highly classified NSA intelligence-gathering program (the article itself actually calls it a ‘highly classified program’, so it ain’t like they didn’t know that they were ALSO committing treason). The original source, the one revealing the existence of the program commonly known — inaccurately — as the Warrantless Wiretapping Program, was DOJ lawyer Thomas Tamm. Tamm himself did not know much about the nuts and bolts of the program, and the bulk of the details revealed by the NYT were derived from ‘other sources’.

The result of this revelation by the NYT was three things:

  • A goldmine of intel information that had previously netted KSM among other intel successes, immediately died down to a trickle.
  • More American soldiers died than would have, had the program not been revealed.
  • The Bush Administration was immediately drowned in an ocean of whipped-up, media-manufactured scandal and outrage, which in turn led to a less effective PR and psy-ops machine, which in turn led to more American soldiers died than would have, had the program not been revealed.

Shock of all shocks, we find that Mr. Tamms was motivated politically, conceding to Newsweek that he was angry with the Bush administration for zealously pushing prosecutors to seek the death penalty in criminal cases.

Right here and now, I have no interest in discussing at length the legality of the Commander-in-Chief conducting intel operations against sworn enemies of the United States during a war. I will simply say that he has such rights, and by lengthy precedent, has been accorded great leeway in that regard. As things have rolled out over the years, it seems to me the Bush Administration took pretty extensive measures to guard against Big Brotherism.

But the facts are unassailable. This charlie-sierra Thomas Tamms, in possession of highly classified information, reveals it to the New York Times for the express purpose of making it public, and intentionally damaging the war effort. There is NO WAY that this did not cause American deaths. No way at all. Thomas Tamms committed treason.

He should be tried, convicted, and executed. And for that matter, so should the publisher of the New York Times.

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