Kay Hagan Embraces Leaders of “Godless America PAC”

Two minutes and thirty seconds is all it takes to see why you need to support Elizabeth Dole.

Two minutes and thirty seconds is really all it takes to watch this:

What is it?

It documents Kay Hagan’s ties to the Godless America PAC.

Godless America PAC is a legitimate organization that denies there is any such thing as God. They want to remove “In God We Trust” from our currency. They want to remove God from the Pledge of Allegiance. They even, no kidding, want to get rid of Christmas as a federal holiday.


And one of their board members, who is also in a group for “secular Americans” invited Kay Hagan up to Massachusetts for a fundraiser.

Yes, the Godless America PAC supports Kay Hagan, ladies and gentlemen. Hagan says North Carolina needs someone in Congress advocating for North Carolinians every day of every month of every year. I suspect North Carolinians don’t know Hagan is perfectly willing to take money from people who advocate getting God off the money, out of the pledge, and ending Christmas as a federal holiday.

Here is an easy way to support Elizabeth Dole.

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