Speaker of the Illinois House, Mike Madigan, abruptly shut down the Illinois House yesterday to avoid a vote on having a special election to fill Barack Obama’s unexpired Senate term.

Madigan’s daughter was on the “acceptable” list of people Blago and Obama agreed to.

Madigan wants his daughter to have a chance and would rather let a corrupt Governor or his flunky Pat Quinn appoint Obama’s replacement than leave it up to the people to decide.


Mitt Romney Goes Nuclear On Trump

Why? The people are more than a little hacked off with the Democrats in Illinois and Mark Kirk is considering a run. Kirk is a very popular Republican in Illinois. He’s to the left of most here on social issues, but he wins his Chicago area district consistently getting a demographic of voters the GOP lusts after.

Madigan and the Democratic establishment in Illinois want no part of Kirk. So they’ll let the new Senator be appointed under a cloud of corruption and suspicion. That’s a safer bet than letting the people decide.