Hari Sevugan and the DNC are Fools or Liars

Hari Sevugan is the Democrats’ spokesperson at the DNC. Sevugan is the one responsible for suggesting Eric Cantor supported or, more precisely “fanned the flames” on Nazi-ish conduct among Obamacare opponents. Nevermind that Cantor is Jewish. And nevermind that Cantor was in Israel and unable to respond at the time.Sevugan is now either lying or just foolish. Either way, the DNC and Barack Obama are really souring relations with Democrats in Congress.Moe noted yesterday that Barack Obama’s “Organizing for America”, which is run out of the Democratic National Committee, has been scheduling people to meet with their members of Congress. The constituents were getting emails confirming their appointments, showing up, then discovering that there was no appointment. Congresscritters are hacked off with all these people showing up for appointments that were never really scheduled.Well, Sevugan said

the issue was “not a widespread problem” and characterized contact between lawmakers and the DNC, which is the president’s political operation, as “a couple of questions.”

Heh. That’s called being foolish or lying.

By Wednesday, the scope had grown considerably. Sevugan said it was understandable given the size of the effort that a few people would misinterpret the instructions.


Dianne Feinstein has complained that as many as 100 people showed up expecting a meeting with the senator herself. And Republican aides say they have gotten complaints from 15 House GOP offices saying that the blast e-mail from President Obama’s political arm led some people to believe that they actually had a meeting with their member of Congress.

In fact, numerous members of Congress of both parties have been encountering Democratic activists in their offices who thought they had an appointment. It makes the Congressmen, regardless of party, look bad when a person shows up thinking they have a appointment scheduled via Barack Obama complete with an email confirmation. And it, in turn, really makes the congressmen angry at Barack Obama.Way to play to core competencies, Obama and Hari!

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