BREAKING: Rich Heffley Admits It Was All Him Doing The Anti-Rubio Website

I hope our fine GOP Establishment considers this a horse head in its bed.

t first he would neither confirm nor deny it. Then Rich Heffley insisted he was not behind the anti-Rubio website truthaboutrubio.com, but he knew who was.Now Rich Heffley admits it was all him.Notice how he waits until a Friday night to do it.Heffley still denies he was also behind the Hitler video despite removing everything about it from his website when we made the connection and saying the Hitler video was the whole reason for starting the website.Can we believe him on this after his denials on everything else?And why the heck would you erase all traces of the Hitler video from your website if that very video was your whole reason for setting up the website? By the way, the video has also disappeared off YouTube. Hmm . . .

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