Morning Briefing for March 19, 2010

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For March 19, 2010

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1. Coburn Promises to Hold Future Nominations of Ex-House Democrats

2. It’s Unofficial: “Revenue Neutral”

3. Another Day Another Attack by a Republican Against Jim DeMint

4. Bob Bennett’s Campaign Caught on Tape


1. Coburn Promises to Hold Future Nominations of Ex-House Democrats

Senator Tom Coburn Thursday put his colleagues in the lower chamber on advance notice, vowing to torpedo any promises of patronage made by President Barack Obama to wavering House Democrats.

Coburn promised at a health care presser on Capitol Hill today that he would exercise his senatorial prerogative to hold all nominations of vote-switching House Democrats who lose their reelection bids this Fall. The new maneuver aimed at scuttling Democratic vote whipping efforts sent an unmistakeable message to the White House: Senate Republicans will do everything in their power to prevent the bill’s passage, even if that means preemptively expending political capital.

“I want to send a couple messages to my colleagues in the House. If you voted no and you vote yes and you lose your election, and you think any nomination to a federal position isn’t going to held in the Senate, I’ve got news for you,” Coburn, a physician whose been among the Senate’s most vocal opponents of the bill, said. “It’s going to be held.”

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2. It’s Unofficial: “Revenue Neutral”

The natural reaction by most Americans to the unofficial and preliminary claim that the $2.5 Trillion ObamaCare bill is revenue-neutral is, well, B.S. (There is a card game with the same name.)

The second natural reaction is the realization that ObamaCare must cut the guts out of Medicare and raise taxes through the roof.

All of the above are reasonable and accurate reactions to the latest Speaker Pelosi counter-attack from Wonderland.

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3. Another Day Another Attack by a Republican Against Jim DeMint

This time the Politico is reporting on Senator Inhofe’s attacks. Inhofe, occasionally rated as the most conservative senator in Washington, uses that label with pride to give cover to his huge porkfest.

As we’ve seen repeatedly, earmarks always lead to bigger government. Inhofe, betraying his “most conservative” label, just the other day sided with the Democrats on their jobs bill solely because it funneled gobs of money into Inhofe’s pet program — the highway trust fund.

Republican senators running to the Politico to anonymously attack Jim DeMint is as regular an earthly occurrence as the sun rising in the east. It is also part of their stages of grief as they realize their political capital is dwindling while DeMint’s is rising.

First they denied DeMint was relevant.

Then the new attack became only crazy RedState readers know anything about Jim DeMint and the rest of the world doesn’t care for him.

Now Jim DeMint is a selfish press hound who people should ignore.

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4. Bob Bennett’s Campaign Caught on Tape

As you know, Utah is having its caucuses next week. People will be picked as delegates to go to the State Convention. At the convention, if Bennett cannot get 60% of the delegates to support him, he will either be defeated at the convention or be forced into a runoff.

Bennett’s campaign is encouraging its supporters to show up at the caucuses and lie as best they can to become delegates to the convention.

Right now there is a heavy anti-Bennett bias even within the official Utah Republican Party. Having Bennett’s supporters come in and claim to be wholly undecided or hostile to Bennett could help send his brigade to the convention to protect him.

Desperate men do desperate things.

We have the video of Senator Bennett’s son encouraging supporters to hide their allegiance to the senator to increase their chances of becoming a delegate.

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