Barry’s 1st BIG Blunder!!! Leon Panetta as CIA Chief – Are you kidding me???

To my Conservative Friends:

Opening January 20th at a theatre near you…. Barry and the Appeasers

Well, he did not even make it to inauguration day and Barry has already set himself up for failure and the country for attack… Leon Panetta as CIA Chief is possibly the worst selection to head one of the most important positions in our government in the midst of the war on terror…

He has selected an anti-surveillance, anti-interrogation, terrorist-appeasing bleeding-heart that he dragged out of the attic of old Clinton hand-me-downs… Pathetic!!!

If he thinks that this makes the country safer, then I am truly worried about the state of this country’s defense against terrorism in 2 weeks.. What do you think the terrorists at Al-Qaeda are saying today around their daily “Death to America Luncheons”… Do you think they are saying “Oh my, America is really serious about defeating us”????

Noooo, They are saying, “We knew it, this guy is soft and his appointments and positions will make it easier for us to operate, communicate, recruit and fund our operations against the infidels!!!!”

That’s what they are saying… And if you think they are not, I have some trees in Central Park that need a good huggin’…..

Colonel David Hunt, who is one of the most respected Military experts on terrorism there is, said of the Panetta selection, “What he did (Obama) was just drive a stake through the heart of the CIA”… This is not some Republican politician, talking head or me saying this. This is an expert who has worked and followed every minute of the war on terror from the beginning…

For all the nasty, dis-respectful, hateful things that have been said and written of our President, the man has been steadfast and unwavering on the war on terror for the sole purpose of keeping us safe and free of attacks… Which is something he has done successfully for over 7 years now…

I believe Barry, in one fell-swoop has begun the process of undoing all the tireless work and effort that the President, the CIA, FBI and all other law enforcement personnel have done to keep this country the safest it has ever been…

I have said repeatedly on this site that President Bush has received little, if any credit for keeping this country safe and free of terror attacks… Well, I think once Barry and the Appeasers come to town and we drop our drawers for the terrorists to come and re-start the jihad against us infidels, we will long for President Bush and the way we used to fight the bad guys…

Just my thoughts….

GOP Mike

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