Shoah works well for the Palestinians.  I am sorry, but it is the Israeli "end-game."  Millions of somewhat Jews have descended on "The Holy Land," and they need a place to camp.  The Book of Joshua is the answer and the solution. Please read it.  None of the participants ignore history ... and all remember it.  The West have long forgotten; The Bible (sometimes a history book) is oft forgotten.

Israel already restricts food imports to Gaza.  They base it on calories/person/day.  I've read the research that determined "basic subsistence level" for food ... ALL of the data came from studies on Jewish prisoners of the Nazis.  Similar data is in use to this day ... "Crash tests" of cars are based on Nazi-era data that documented [Jewish] "subjects" being slammed into walls.  Data is data.

Egypt was rebuffed by Hamas.    I don't care which government wins;  the population loses.

Note: "Shoah" is  synonym for The Holocaust.

Just some perspective.