The most important lesson in the three little pigs story is “be prepared”. Apparently a lesson lost on the Senate when they voted to suspend our ability to wage war without relying on foreign fuel.

--as posted previously at Grimland

Back in May, the Senate voted to suspend shipments to the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The reason -- it could possibly lower prices. Bullshit. How stupid does the Senate and BOTH PARTIES think we are?


Hillary v. Trump: Round One

Leon H. Wolf

Here's the quick math kids: The SPR receives 70,000 barrels of oil a day. The United States uses as much as 20,000,000 barrels of oil a day or in terms we can understand the oil not sent to the SPR accounts for .4% Put that in money terms. Assuming the 70k was FREE the impact would be less that a half of a percent.

Gas prices are high, and I realize that President Clinton released SPR oil to "help" with a crisis of pricing in the 90's (which was just as much a joke). That said, the Senate appears to be playing politics and sucking up to consumers instead of thinking. I know this might appeal to ignorant constituents but anyone that takes the time to look things up will immedately see this as what it is -- playing with national security to get some votes.

Shame on you Senators.