We won–the debate is over

"First win the debate then the election" - Margaret Thatcher

We keep hearing about how this is a democrat year and that the Republicans face an incredibly strong (and many say insurmountable head wind) this November.

I am not a pollster, and I know that it can be challenging to differentiate what I want to happen from a pure analytical analysis of what will ultimately happen or what is likely happen.

All I know is this. Despite Obama’s many personal strengths and the purported strengths of the democrat party this November, Obama has been spending 90% of his time in recent weeks talking about cutting taxes.

He has probably spent more time talking about cutting taxes in the last three weeks than Reagan did in the run up to the 1980 election (Reagan consistently included foreign policy stuff in his speeches and touched on a wide variety of issues).

Obama is sounding like one trick pony at this point, and if you didn’t realize what his record is, he could easily be construed as a middle of the road Republican (but for a certain “spreading of the wealth” comment).

This is similar to when Bill Clinton declared the end of the era of Big Government.

Despite everything, Obama feels compelled to try and sound like Reagan–to sound as conservative as he can without turning off his base.

This says a lot of good things about where the country is.

Lets just help people connect some dots.[Update] When both parties are in a debate as to who the best task cutter is, it is time to win the election.

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