I am VERY concerned about what is going on in Louisiana

Another meme bites the dust

I am extremely concerned about some of the things that are going on in Louisiana, and particularly New Orleans. From an AP report:“Gov. Bobby Jindal laid out the state’s emergency preparedness plan this evening for the potential arrival of Hurricane Gustav, which he said could make landfall in Louisiana sometime early Tuesday.

The state’s catastrophic action team has been activated and the governor plans to hold a meeting Wednesday of his unified command group, who are key officials with state agencies that would be dealing with the emergency.”

Are you kidding me? If it was George W. Bush’s fault last time, it is certainly his resposibility this time! And isn’t talking about this so early a little…well…prepared?

“If the storm continues to head toward Louisiana, the governor on Thursday would exercise state contracts for up to 700 buses to assist with evacuations.

Assisted evacuations could begin as early as Friday and evacuations from hospitals and medical care facilities would begin Saturday. Evacuations by rail also could begin Saturday.”

Evacuations? We don’t need no stinkin’ evacuations! Incredibly, a plan to actually use buses to do the evacuations has been put in place already.

“The state has identified locations for 10,000 critical care beds for evacuees and 68,000 regular beds for evacuation.”

To add to the mischief that Jindal is planning, the state has already identified people in the area of potential landfall who may need extra assistance.

I am also extremely concerned that Don’t Interrupt My Dinner Ray Nagin, who is incredibly STILL the mayor of New Orleans, is having a news conference right now, probably to inform the residents of New Orleans that a hurricane has them in the bulls eye, and they might actually want to take some precautionary responsibility.

Like I said before, the one thing that we are absolutely sure of is that George W. Bush was directly and personally at fault for the way things were handled in Louisiana and New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit, and any plan or preparation is his most certainly HIS responsibility now.


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