A friendly warning to liberals on this site

Yes, it can happen to you

The unfettered hate is spewing like water from an untended fire hose. Even puffy little magazines like “Us Weekly” are getting in to the act, at the expense of a woman who, on paper, the left should admire. It must be fun in the untamed wilderness of a complete, full bore propaganda onslaught against those you despise so. But in the midst of your joy, let me offer a friendly warning.

When they come for you, what happens? You think you are immune, on the slashing edge of leftist vitriol. But what if you get pregnant, take a look at the ultrasound, and fall madly in love with the baby growing in your womb? Then, when the amniocentesis comes back, you find that your beloved baby has Down Syndrome? Can you stomach the stares from your friends, and the comments from leftist acquaintances when they say, “You knew? And you had it anyway?” Can you see yourself saying, “His name is Joshua”, then walking back to your apartment in tears? Probably not. It would never happen to a fellow traveler. Then again, ask Eunice Shriver about the children she has given her life to, who are now being looked at as walking medical waste.

Let’s say you marched in the sixties and now work for Obama, will vote for Obama, love Obama and would do anything to ensure he wins the White House. Then, in a faculty meeting, you say something meaningless to you, but offensive to a black colleague. One thing leads to another, and you find yourself suddenly without tenure, without a job, without friends. They would never call me a racist, you say – never. Probably not. It would never happen to a fellow traveler. Then again, ask Bill Clinton what he thinks about the charges of racism leveled by the Obama campaign.

Maybe you are black. You can think for yourself, maybe you are a prominent judge, but oppose an affirmative action referendum on the grounds that it would lead to more dependence and preference due to race – something you have fought against your entire life. You then find yourself the subject of a vicious recall vote, started by the very people who supported you in the beginning. Probably not. It would never happen to a fellow traveler. Or maybe you can ask Clarence Thomas about what happens to a black man who is not a certain kind of black man.

Maybe you work for a prominent politician as a bright young staffer. You are in the office late one night when he asks for a favor you are not prepared to give. Since you want to protect others, you blow the whistle. You then find yourself fired and ostracized, abandoned by the feminists you travel with because he has “done so much for women” and your accusations have hurt that effort.

Beginning to get the picture? Have fun now, because acceptable groups and acceptable people according to the thug left are growing smaller by the day. You are seeing it in action right now, as a successful, bright, loving woman and her teenage child are being hatefully slandered with every breath uttered or word typed by the media. Yeah, she’s a woman, but just not the right type of woman. The angry left bought the Democrat party and the media, they paid for it, they are scorching the earth like never before, and your silence is your support.

Just beware, because someday, as sure as the sun rises, they will come for you.

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