Please use these in the debate, Senator McCain

If I can come up with these, why on earth can't you guys?

“You may want to associate me with President Bush – that’s fine. The only associations I have ever had are with patriots, including George W. Bush, and that is something you simply cannot say.”

“With the new investigations regarding ACORN, we now know what Obama’s community organization was all about – voter fraud. And if it weren;t for me and my fellow Republicans, Obama and the Democrats would have slipped in millions of dollars for this crooked organization as part of the bailout bill.”

“If you don’t like the words or actions of the people you have allied yourself with, you walk away. Silence is consent, and ignorance is no defense.”

“Cindy and I do indeed have more than one home, and Tony Rezko didn’t help us buy a single one.”

“The root of the economic crisis, and the root of all our economic problems, is the social engineering of Democrats gone bad.”

“You and the Democrats have been cheerleading for this economic crisis for political gain for a long time now, and now you’ve gotten what you wished for. Thank goodness we didn’t pay attention to your cheerleading for defeat in Iraq. I would be ashamed if I knew the party I was associated with only benefited when America was hurting.”

“I may not have said the words “middle class” in the first debate, but you have NEVER said the words “win in Iraq”.”

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