ATTN: Rush, Hannity, et al – Help me help Joe The Plumber

As was predicted by many and written about on this site by Andy Smith, the long knives are indeed out for Joe The Plumber. The unions are after him, the press is after him, and it turns out he owes back taxes. I have no doubt that several more tax audits are in his future – you see, you have to be a certain type of average middle class guy, and fending for yourself certainly does not fit the bill.

Anyway, let’s return to the back taxes. Turns out that Joe owes around $1200 in Ohio back taxes. Here’s what I would like to do. I am kind of an average Joe too, and I hereby do pledge $100 to help with the tax bill. This is kinda what Americans do for each other. When someone is in a bind, we don’t refer them to the local WIC or welfare office, we help. Personally. With our own money, not money we extracted from someone else.

Who knows? If enough people help, maybe he can pay the taxes. Maybe he can go through the requirements of the union and get his certifications. Maybe he can even buy the business he wants to buy.

At any rate, I am in for $100. We’ll see what happens…Rush? Sean?

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