The Democrat Culture of Corruption in North Carolina – four little examples

If you're going to do it, do it right

As I glanced at what used to pass for a newspaper, the Raleigh (N.C.) News and Observer, I noticed four photo captions on the front page of the October 22nd edition that told a story that Democrats really don’t want you to hear. From the N&O:

FORMER HOUSE SPEAKER JIM BLACK, a Democrat, pleaded guilty last year to public corruption charges for accepting $29,000 in payoffs in restaurant bathrooms and other locations. He’s serving a five-year sentence.

FORMER LOTTERY COMMISSIONER KEVIN GEDDINGS, a Democrat, was convicted in 2006 for failing to disclose his past work for a lottery vendor when he accepted the commissioner’s post. He is serving a four-year sentence.

FORMER COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE MEG SCOTT PHIPPS, a Democrat, served more than three years in a federal prison for perjury, obstruction of justice and conspiracy in lying to cover up a campaign fundraising scandal.

FORMER HOUSE MEMBER MICHAEL DECKER, who had been a Republican, pleaded guilty to conspiracy in 2006, admitting he took $50,000 to switch parties and support Black for speaker. He is serving a four-year sentence.

Add ACORN voter registration fraud to the mix, and you can see that the Democrat culture of corruption is rampant here. I will hand it to the Democrats – if you’re going to be corrupt, you may as well do something that will land you in jail, as opposed to questionable e-mails to pages. Heck, Meg was in the BIG house. Nice job!

One more thing – in the very same newspaper issue, the N&O endorsed Kay Hagan for Senate over Elizabeth Dole. Hagan is a philosophical and ideological ally of the corrupt Democrat machine in North Carolina. The endorsement came as no surprise, but seemed pretty ironic given the front page.

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