One last shout-out to Hillary supporters

We feel your pain. We really do.

This election is making many things crystal clear to Republicans, but for once they are things that you Hillary supporters knew long before we did. You expected the media to be the referee in your contest. You expected them to report the facts – ALL the facts – about both candidates, so the electorate could make an informed decision.

They didn’t. So instead of the victory you so richly deserved, and the Presidency you would likely have won, the advocacy media pushed Barack Obama from the very beginning. They reported none of his questionable dealings, positions or associations. They covered up for his complete inexperience. After South Carolina, they even whispered about your campaign’s racism. Then the whispers became shouts, nearly ruining Geraldine Ferraro and forever tarnishing the reputation of Bill Clinton among African Americans. When you lost, they were gleeful, even taunting.

And by now it has become plain how you lost. Caucus states were rigged with Obama supporters. ACORN provided all the registrants Obama could have hope for, then more, then more still. When the fraud finally was too much for the media to contain, it was too late for you. By the time your party realized what a mistake it was making, and Obama began losing primary after primary, it was too late. The party establishment and media dragged him across the finish line, then bullied Bill and Hillary into supporting Obama even as the voters in Florida and Michigan were being disenfranchised.

Believe me, these are lessons that we thought we knew. The remedial work has been a bear, let me tell you.

So what do you do, “sweetie” (remember that one)? I’ll tell you what you can do. Vote for John McCain. Don’t let your party’s mistake become the country’s mistake. Show that you can think for yourselves, and will not be taken for granted by a party which has lurched so far to the left that you barely even recognize it. Realize that Sarah Palin looks a whole lot more like your soccer mom crowd than the joyless, barren shrews that your party parades before you as representative of “real” women, and remember that the first two people she recognized were Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton.. Know that you and your family are safe with a battle tested President, not some wandering “seeker” to whom the Presidency would be a really cool thing to put on a resume’.

You know what to do. You are not alone. I wish you all the best.

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