Thank you, President-elect Obama!

What were once myths are now truths.

Thank you, President-elect Obama. You and your campaign have clarified so many things that I hardly know where to start, but I will try to focus on five:

– While nestled safely under the warm blanket of the 1st Amendment, in one short campaign the news media has completely squandered the credibility that took so many decades to build. They failed to realize that with every precious right there comes a responsibility of equal importance, and instead of taking that responsibility seriously they became more fully a star-struck advocacy group than a bunch of teenage girls at a Jonas Brothers concert. The American people depended on the news media to provide all the information necessary to make an informed decision on candidates and policy, and they simply failed.- There is no question that the American Left is the most misogynist group of individuals on the planet. Heterosexual women are only good for servicing the President, becoming “action dolls” (in the words of Garry Trudeau), standing bleary-eyed at the side of a man begging forgiveness at a press conference, or enabling the political careers of serial cheaters by ignoring their infidelity. So “Sarah Palin is a c—t”? Just go ahead and say what you are thinking – they all are.- On a related note, let there be no question that the dying embers of racism have been kept alive by the Left in order to serve the Left, and they serve as both sword and shield. The Clintons, Geraldine Ferraro and every Republican who went to a Sarah Palin rally have felt the sword, and after every blunder that Barack Obama makes we will see the shield.- The overwhelming youth vote for Obama has proven that the campaign for President is now little more than a reality show to the them. A cool logo, sparkly slogans and soaring speeches have trumped character and experience, and soon a candidate will need to either blow something up at their campaign stops or be the hero of their own video game to appeal to the 18-25 crowd. You better be plausible as a sidekick to Will Smith in an action-comedy, or you simply don’t have a chance. Barack Obama deserves credit for realizing this and capitalizing on it.- There doesn’t have to be a policy – just an idea, and the man is the idea. The experience is the idea. The more blank the slate, the more each individual can write. OMG – your idea is HIS idea too! Don’t let them take your idea away! This is one big road trip with no destination, and the trip is the point, and everyone can come along. The experience is transforming, and the transformation leads to knowledge and understanding and togetherness and obedience. Don’t look for anyone from the campaign to jump at a position in the White House – hey dude, they’re sales and marketing, not manufacturing.

I always wondered what would happen if the dog caught the car. We will soon find out.

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