BREAKING from Virginia – Perriello claims victory over Virgil Goode, absentee ballots make VA turn RED (?)

Not so fast, my friend

It seems that Charlottesville and Albermarle County, home of UVA and increasingly lefty, have found enough votes for Virgil Goode’s Democrat challenger, Tom Perriello, to win. From the Charlottesville Daily Progress:

Perriello and Goode were neck-and-neck until Thursday afternoon, when Charlottesville revised its vote count from election night. Two precincts, election officials discovered, had neglected to report 650 votes in Perriello’s favor.

Albemarle County election officials wrapped up their vote canvass Friday, finding another 100 votes for Perriello. In Albemarle’s case, the officials found, an election official at the Free Union precinct misreported Perriello’s tally as 442, rather than the correct 542.

Nice going Democrats! THAT was close! For the record, Goode has not conceded, citing “irregularities”. No kidding.

Also – a friend in Virginia Beach told me that he heard a report last night that after absenteee ballots were counted, Virginia had turned red – was that the Jack Daniels listening, or can someone verify? If so, could the same thing happen in NC?

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