And now for something absolutely, completely different

And I mean in a good way, and I do have a point.

One college spring break I happened to be in Ft. Lauderdale, which was the New York Yankees spring training home. While there some friends and I caught an exhibition game featuring the Yanks versus the Baltimore Orioles. Baltimore batted first, and the top of the order was a player named Drungo Hazewood. As you might imagine, when his name was announced there was some laughter from the stands.The pitcher wound up (I can’t remember who it was) and delivered a fastball. Drungo Hazewood hit that first pitch as far as I have ever seen a baseball hit. The thing looked like it had been fired from a cannon. First the crowd was stunned, then appreciative, giving him sustained applause as he rounded the bases. I don’t know what happened to Drungo, but I will never forget him.

Meet the Drungo Hazewood of opera:

Paul Potts always liked opera, but thought he needed a conservatory education in order to sing it for a living. He took a job selling cell phones during the day, and stocking store shelves at night. While surfing the web one night, he found a site announcing auditions for a new show Simon Cowell created. He thought about it, and flipped a coin to make the final decision to go. On stage, his lack of confidence didn’t matter, because as he put it, “I sang from the heart.” By the way, he won the competition and is now touring in support of his new CD One Chance. Something tells me we will see much more of him, and somewhere Drungo Hazewood is smiling.

It is about time we conservatives started singing from the heart.

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