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I am trying to understand why an economic crisis that was brought about by excessive debt and uncontrolled spending will be solved by excessive debt and uncontrolled spending. This may prime the pump, but the well is dry.

This pork bill is as simple as it gets – pure Chicago politics, with payoffs to liberal constituencies and solidifying the position of the henchmen (like unions and ACORN) that delivered the victory. Rahm Emmanuel is certainly not letting this crisis go to waste.

Las Vegas has been one of the areas of the country hardest hit by this recession, yet Obama and Democrat lawmakers insist that this is one of the areas off-limits to businesses like Wells Fargo that would spend money on conventions, hotels and meals there.

We are seeing a continuation of the Democrat War on Businesses as they use the tobacco companies as a model. Demonize, weaken to the point of bankruptcy, take profits and redistribute through lawsuits, tax products to fund pet projects, then keep them on life support with one hand on the plug. Once Stockholm Syndrome has set in, move on to the next industry.

If you are a business that takes a dime of federal money, you have a new majority partner who is anything but silent. The bailout CEO’s that are paraded before congress deserve their humiliation, and others would do well to remember how a partnership with the government works.

Obama supporters that I have spoken recently have changed their tune considerably. They believe that their task was electing this guy, and that is where it ends. They didn’t vote for him – they COULDN’T have voted for him – because he was a competent leader for the long term. They voted for him because he was black, and his victory was a metaphor for their own struggles. They feel they won the game, and they have no stomach for a four-year overtime. When the swing voters with some intelligence are confronted with a discussion of this pork package, they run for the hills like a cabinet nominee. We need to keep the pressure up – they are folding here on Main Street.

If this spending bill works to restore the economy, then everything I have learned, everything I have seen and everything I believe in is dead wrong. Republicans are exactly right in going “all-in” against this one, and I hope that this failure will deliver a mortal blow to socialism and Keynesianism in this country.

One more little note to Barack Hussein Obama – to paraphrase Maximus, the time for honoring yourself is now over…..Highness.

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