Why I Don’t Believe The Sudden Concern By The Left For Cops Killed In The Line Of Duty

From the San Fransisco Chronicle:

(03-25) 20:36 PDT Oakland — About 60 people marched and rallied in Oakland on Wednesday to condemn the police and honor Lovelle Mixon, who was killed by Oakland police after he fatally shot four officers Saturday.

“OPD you can’t hide – we charge you with genocide,” chanted the demonstrators as they marched along MacArthur Boulevard, near the intersection with 74th Avenue where Mixon, 26, a fugitive parolee, gunned down two motorcycle officers who had pulled him over in a traffic stop. He killed two more officers who tried to capture him where he was hiding in his sister’s apartment nearby.

Please forgive me if I have a bit of skepticism about Kos’ concern for the brave officers killed in Pittsburgh. And I will also make a leap and say that I am pretty sure that these people are not Republicans or McCain / Palin supporters.

The protest was organized by the Oakland branch of the Uhuru Movement, whose flyers for the march declared, “Stop Police Terror.” Many marchers wore T-shirts featuring Mixon’s photo, including a woman identified by march organizers as Mixon’s mother. The woman declined to comment and gave her name only as Athena.

Anyone who has followed left wingers knows that this is exactly the way they feel about cop killers – freedom fighters who are part of the “uprising” (to use Maxine Waters’ term).

When they march in the streets against a cop killer, maybe they will have some credibility. Not until then, though.

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