NBC wallows even further in the gutter (warning: content)

I was looking for transcripts for Olbermann’s show tonight, because as I was flipping by I thought I heard him say “executed the teenagers.” It was probably a reference to the Somali pirates, and I was interested in the latest machinations of the Obama supplicants. What I found on the front page of Olbermann’s website was this:

GOP’s taste for teabagging

While the anti-tax “tea parties” are officially toothless, conservative teabaggers are full-throated about their goals. They want to give President Obama a strong tongue-lashing and lick government spending; spending they did not oppose when they were under Presidents Bush and Reagan.


If you aren’t familiar with the term, google “teabagging”. I won’t explain it here, and it may help you identify people who are obsessed with equipment that they seem to lack when they approach you tomorrow.

At any rate – if NBC wants to go completely in the tank for Obama, that’s fine. If they want to promote every left wing agenda item on the menu, there’s not much I can do about it. But I really thought that gutter humor befitting a pre-pubescent boy was beneath them.

I was wrong. There are simply no adults left at NBC, once a legitimate news organization. None.

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