Gandhi’s take on Specter and the American Left

Arlen Specter and the left may not realize it, but they received a prescient and firm condemnation from Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi many years ago. Since Christianity is the only religion not really included in multicultural curriculum and discussions these days, I was forced to look for something that liberals could reference and understand as I pointed out their moral deficiencies. Hinduism came to mind, and it turns out that Gandhi has a lot to say about the condition of the left these days.

          It turns out that Gandhi did his own take on the Seven Deadly Sins. They follow, with commentary that the left will hopefully find helpful.


Wealth without Work

The bedrock of liberal policies is the first of Gandhi’s Deadly Sins. The left believes that everyone is entitled to the same amount of income and wealth, and that enjoying the fruits of your labor and reverence for private property rights are simply evil. This one was so easy.


Pleasure without Conscience

You can have it now! Need a house? No income? No problem! We might have a baby if we have sex? Again, no problem, right up until the baby is born and in some cases, afterwards. This sin is the bane of the guilty liberal, and is best seen in the shallow, odiferous, standing water that is Hollywood.


Science without Humanity

Barack Obama wins the award for best example of this Deadly Sin. His thoughtless, knee-jerk endorsement of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research for the sake of abortion advocates was in sharp contrast to George Bush’s thoughtful and reasoned decision on the same issue. Abandoning respect for life and the dignity of the individual has become the hallmark of the left. Of course, as Ronald Reagan said, they have the advantage of having been born.


Knowledge without Character

Sadly, education in America has become a favorite tool of the left to cut and paste hollow mantras of feel-good pseudo-values – recycling, getting along, respect for that which deserves no respect . The values that our country was founded upon have not only been left out of education, but are mocked and trivialized. As Dean William R. Inge once said, “The aim of education is the knowledge not of fact, but of values.” How far the education establishment has strayed from this goal, and how much poorer our country is for it.


Commerce without Morality

At one time, there was a free market which served the interests of the participants, not the State. This time is long past. The Obama administration is making sure that as much formerly private industry as possible serves the warped and twisted aims of government, and captains of industry have become nursing children as taxpayers take on the losses generated by the foul marriage of government and business. An innocuous regulation with seemingly good ends, The Community Reinvestment Act, was used as a sword by the government to equalize outcomes. The result has been a catastrophe, and the cure is more of the same.


Worship without Sacrifice

So many examples of this abound on the left. Nancy Pelosi claims the mantle of devout Catholic, while doing everything in her power to undermine the basic guiding principles of her faith. Leftists twist the Word of God to advance their agenda, while ignoring the tough parts of the Word that require decision and obedience. They demand sacrifice while contributing far less to charity than their conservative counterparts, and preach involvement but rely on the government to fulfill their obligations. Georgetown erases all references to God on the stage prior to a speech by Obama, and Notre Dame ignores his position on abortion in the rush to honor someone who has achieved nothing.


Politics without Principle

The last one is saved for Arlen Specter, although it could so easily apply to everyone on the left. Specter’s primary objective, from the beginning of his career to this very day, has been political self-preservation. He has sought headlines instead of making the tough decisions for the benefit of the country, and has made waves not by standing on principle but by undercutting the very people who have made his position possible. He repays loyalty with treason, and uses position for self-adoration.


Specter is nearing the end of his life here on earth, and his everlasting legacy will be the cowardice he has shown in betraying his party, not this time but so many others, and the debt he ensured would be piled on our children.


Finally, have you seen the bumper sticker that shows a quote, allegedly from Gandhi, that says, “I like your Christianity, but I do not like your Christians”? I propose a new one – “I like your Democracy, but I do not like your Democrats.”

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