Why my children will not be listening to Barack Obama’s speech

My children won’t have the opportunity to hear Barack Obama’s speech on Tuesday. They’ll be educated for the period of time the speech will take, but it will be by me (probably at an ice cream shop – who says school has to be boring?). I’ve been called bat crap crazy, “silly”, by both Robert Gibbs and whoever is in charge of the Department of Education, “overreactive”, and a whole lot worse on the usual lefty blogs. Here’s why I made the decision I made.

1) No one talks to my kids outside of my presence without my permission. Period. Do you want to know why I go to open houses at school? Get to know the leaders at my church? Become acquainted with the parents of my children’s friends? As someone who is responsible for my child, it is important for me to know – and I mean know – what adults they spend their time with when I am not around. I know, as well as I could possibly know, that these adults are people of character and that they are on the same page as me in terms of values.

Barack Obama is planning on barging into schools without even contemplating what parents might think. He has put parents and educators in a terrible position, and he knew he exactly what he was doing. He did not ask my permission to speak with my children, he is not someone I particularly want my children being around and I do not believe his values correspond with mine. Simple as that. I don’t care how innocuous this particular speech might be – if he speaks to my children, they know that means he has my endorsement.

He doesn’t.

2) This Dear Leader / Big Brother thing needs to stop. If leftists in this country want to create and maintain some seedy little Obama cult of personality to win elections, that is their business. It was very successful last year. If they want to gather every day at lunch and chant, “Yes We Did!” until their throats get sore, have at it. Do NOT attempt to drag my children into it, and do NOT expect me not to call it what it is – creepy. Very creepy. I will not participate, and will not endorse it by allowing my children to participate.

If the speech is all plain words and common sense, why bother? The reason they are bothering is that any person appearing on TV in a classroom and who is, by their mere presence, accepted by the teacher (who has the permission of parents to educate their child, remember), is creating a favorable impression of themselves. Everything in this administration has a purpose, and every purpose is political.

3) Don’t expect me to outsource all aspects of my life. If leftists want to outsource their retirement to the government via Social Security, I can’t help it. If they want to outsource their health to the government via this health care bill, that’s their business (actually, they are trying to make it my business as well). If they want to outsource parenting to some Super Caregiver, some Parent In Chief, that is up to them. Again, do not drag me into it, and do not expect me to go along if you try.

Here is a segment from the end of the speech:

I’m working hard to fix up your classrooms and get you the books, equipment and computers you need to learn. But you’ve got to do your part too. 

So I expect you to get serious this year. I expect you to put your best effort into everything you do. I expect great things from each of you.

“I’m working hard to fix up your classrooms…”? Are you kidding me? I didn’t see him helping paint my kids’ middle school this summer – maybe I missed it.

“I expect you…”? Again, is he serious? A lecture to my children? Sorry Mr. Obama, my children will meet the expectations of their parents. Not yours. Ever.


Do you want to know how many times Barack Obama will use some form of the word “I” or the word “my” in this speech? Sixty times. I counted. That doesn’t sound much like a person who is worried about anyone but himself, and it is what we have come to expect from someone who is even more of a narcissist than I thought. Make no mistake – this speech is about him, and his plans for this country.

This is as inappropriate and outrageous now as it was when it was first announced. We will not be participating.

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