Jack’s Corollary to Godwin’s Law: Reductio ad Klanum

In the recent comments characterizing opposition to Obama’s healthcare reform plan as racism, we are seeing the fallacy noted in the title – when side A’s argument degenerates to a point where they accuse the opposing side of racism, side A not only has lost the argument but has also explicitly conceded defeat. This is also closely related to argumentum ad misericordiam, which introduces pity or guilt as a valid argument for one side or the other. (Note: this is extremely effective in electing Democrat presidents, but not very effective in advancing their agenda).

In summary, liberals stand on the following three pillars of governance and debate, and will use what they can (such as reductio ad klanum) in order to keep them stable and solid:

1) Authority without scrutiny

2) Rights without responsibility

3) Charity without prudence

Barack Obama has cruised through his entire life without scrutiny, and is now showing how utterly incapable of handling it he is. Let’s keep it up, shall we?

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