Falsely accused, never exonerated – the burden the left wants us to bear

Last Sunday, Stalin Felipe was one of five men falsely accused of raping a college freshman, Danmell Ndonye, at Hofstra University in New York. Were it not for a cell phone video that showed that the woman was engaged in consensual sex with several men in her dormitory bathroom, it is likely that Felipe would have spent six to eight months in jail, awaiting trial. As Felipe said, though:

…the worst part was being perceived as a monster when he knew the truth.

“It seems more like you’re guilty until proven innocent,” Felipe told FOXNews.com.

“Our names were tarnished. We were rapists, we were dirt, we were dogs.

“We weren’t even suspects. We were rapists.”

Why did Ndonye do it? Was it because she hates all men, and wanted to see these particular men suffer? Was it because she truly felt she was raped when the men were not as respectful, or grateful, or cordial as she felt they should have been afterwards?

Or was it because she wanted – needed – them to be quiet about her mistake, her terrible lapse in judgment. Not only to be quiet, but to take the blame, to absolve her of her error, to elevate her to noble victim while casting others as the predators, the villains?

Now take the “p” out of “rapist”. Put in a “c”. Even though the two are not remotely comparable, the left is attempting to make it so. Switch the letters, and Felipe’s club grows larger, as does Ndonye’s. Let’s hear it again, from the viewpoint of Obama’s opponents:

…the worst part was being perceived as monsters when they knew the truth.

“It seems more like you’re guilty until proven innocent,” they told FOXNews.com.

“Our names were tarnished. We were racists, we were dirt, we were dogs.

“We weren’t even suspects. We were racists.”

Racist. Now the ultimate slur. Those of us who remember when racism was all around us in the 60’s, institutionalized, accepted, shake our heads at the accusations flying around these days. We shake our heads at Maureen Dowd, who channels her inner racist and hears a phantom “boy” at the end of an audible “you lie”. Able to read thoughts through her television, certain in her own mind that the accusation is true, Dowd unleashes the hate that smears Joe Wilson, the brave Americans who marched on Washington, and all those who oppose Obama in general.

Why do Dowd and innumerable others in the Old Media apparatus do it? Is their hatred of conservatives such that they waste no opportunity to slur them? Is the fact that their newfound love and respect for the President of the United States is not universally shared, and that all Americans are not as deferential as they are simply too much too stand?

Or do they fear they made a mistake? That their terrible lapse in judgment and complete docility and submission to Barack Obama will cost this country – and the newspaper and network platforms they use to shout others down – more than they can bear? Or do they believe that the only thing left to do, so very early in what was supposed to be a glorious eight years, is to use the charge of racism as both a sword to disembowel their opponents and a shield to prevent further opposition?

It has become as predictable as the sunrise. When opponents of Obama become energized, Obama plays the race card. He sends his mobsters out to do their work while he is far away, in his favorite restaurant, working on his alibi, above the troubles that he could stop with a sentence. He played the card in South Carolina when Hillary Clinton got too close for comfort. He unleashed it when Sarah Palin energized John McCain’s campaign, and Obama is doing it now, as his “Waterloo” plays out before our eyes.

He and his servants do this not to change the minds of their opponents, because a false accusation does not have that effect. They do it because they want authority without scrutiny; they want silence. They want those who waver, who are beginning to question, to feel the shock waves of the missile that hits its target and go back to their acquiescence. They want those who disagree to be convicted, not suspected, as racists capable of violence. They want silence. Silence.


It appears that but for a few brave souls who dare to defend us we have been abandoned on the field yet again. The slurs of Nancy Pelosi and Maureen Dowd and all of the many, many others have been left unchallenged, just as all the slurs and hate of the eight years of George W. Bush were left to take root and grow, then were harvested in the electoral victory of Barack Obama.

But there is a key in the lock of the jail cell. The left has begun to overplay their hand. They have revealed to us that their support of Barack Obama was racially motivated because of their conviction that any opposition to him is. We will soon become free men and women, not because of our accusers, or because of those who we voted for that have fled the field, but because the left’s accusations are becoming more and more transparently political to all Americans.

Cases of real racism, like real rape, can be submerged in the swamp of false accusations. True victims have no one but the false accusers to blame, and they should start right now. They know exactly where to go. As for the falsely accused, they only know what is in their hearts, and they can only hope that someday their accusers will know the shame they so richly deserve.



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