To the Mailbaggers

I have a deal that you just might be interested in. No – not a lame try like that “From 52 To 48″ garbage, which was essentially an “OK, we won – would you play nice and roll over now?” plea. This is something real, something that I am willing to go to the mat to support Obama over. You heard right – I will defend a policy of Barack Obama to all comers, liberal and conservative.

First though, we have to get something straight. Supporting the President is patriotic when he is doing something that is all about America, not all about himself. So far I haven’t seen much that isn’t Obamacentric, and that includes the recent events that you all are so apopletic about. Be assured that Barack Obama thought the Olympics were a done deal, and that by putting his personal cherry on top of the IOC sundae he could bask in the glow of victory. Sort of like the kicker that sits on the sidelines all season, then gets called in to make the chip shot to win the game. Most of the time the kicker makes the chip shot. In this instance he shanked it into the right guard’s buttocks. I’ll admit that I was pretty happy when the IOC delivered a shot to the groin of Obama, because it had not a thing to do with the United States and everything to do with him and his gold-medal ego. Not to mention his compounding of the colossal error by bringing Michelle and her BFF Oprah along for the ride.

Since you are new to this pulling for America thing, I hope I have made you aware of one of the important differences between patriotism and a seedy little personality cult.

Now for the deal.

As most of you have forgotten, there is a war going on. The Good War for you all is in Afghanistan, the war against the guys that flew the planes into the buildings (assuming you believe they were not doing so on the orders of George Bush). If Barack Obama comes out with these two sentences, consider me a full throated supporter of his policy, and consider us a team.

“I pledge to win the war in Afghanistan, no matter how long it takes, and to completely and totally defeat the enemy – Al Qaeda and the Taliban. I will listen to the commanders on the ground, and give them any resources they request, including increasing troop levels, in order to achieve victory.”

Do you feel it? THAT is patriotism – supporting the policy of the President when American lives are on the line and the objective is clear. Barack Obama campaigned on exactly this promise, you voted for him, and now is a perfect opportunity for him to unite this country and deliver something we all agree on.


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