Obama’s Peace Prize – When Will This Cult Of Personality Be Viewed As The Joke It Is?

It’s official – the Nobel Peace Prize ranks somewhere around the MTV Video Awards and the Teen Choice Awards. Come to think of it, you actually have to DO something to win those awards, so I now put the Peace Prize below them.

We will get to witness, in all its glory, the sycophants in the media prattling on about what a “bold” choice this was for the committee, and how “revealing” it is that the world is so grateful for the leadership on the world stage. Any questions or outrage (or laughter, for that matter), will be viewed as “Un-American” and “not pulling for America”, and will be used as an excuse to pull out of Afghanistan.

Come to think of it, this may give Obama another excuse to stop a war he is not interested in and not qualified to lead – I mean, how many Peace Prize winners escalate an ongoing war by sending in more troops?

The Nobel Peace Prize has long since become irrelevant. Obama’s cheerleaders in the press, who have known absolutely no shame prior to this point, will have to gyrate like no one ever has in order to spin this as anything other than the complete joke that it is.

Let the games begin.

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