Virginia AG – elect Cuccinelli makes his first mistake

I think I am going to throw up. A Democrat is co-leading Cuccinelli’s transition team, and not just any Democrat. From the Richmond TImes Dispatch:

Cuccinelli announced this morning that his transition will be led by former Attorneys General Andrew Miller, a Democrat, and Republican Richard Cullen, as well as former state GOP chairman Pat McSweeney.

Miller, an unsuccessful candidate for governor and U.S. Senate in the 1970s, practices law in Washington. He’s from a storied Democratic family; his father ran for governor in the 1950s, opposing the conservative machine of the late Harry Byrd Sr. (emphasis mine)

Can we go one friggin’ day without reaching across the aisle? One friggin’ day? We’ll see how this turns out, but when a Democrat is involved it is normally not good.

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